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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page contains some frequently asked questions and basic answers regarding live streaming and the VCP Plugin. If more information is needed, please use our contact page to initiate a dialogue. Thank you.

Does live streaming cost a lot??

No. It can be expensive, however, minimal investment, as little as $50.00 or less, can cover the costs of webcam, headset and mic. This is assuming you have a minimum qualifying computer and Internet access..

Is live streaming hard?

Not really. As with most things technical, there is a reasonable learning curve. But, saying that "anyone can..." or, "a child could do it," are both truthful statements.

Can I run a live streaming event by myself?

Yes, you can. That being said, there will be several reasons you may decide to incorporate help in partners and/or assistants. It will depend on your goals and what you wish to produce.

What is required to start?

Requirements: A decent computer (click here for more on this subject), a decent Internet connection (click here for more on this subject), a decent webcam (click here for more on this subject), and decent earphones (click here...etc.) and microphones (click... you know). Combination headset-mics are acceptable.

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