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#SMMSmarties – Shiny Objects – Exposed!


Shiny Objects - EXPOSED!

SMMSmarties – Shiny Objects Exposed!

Shiny Objects – What exactly am I talking about?

Urban Dictionary defines a “shiny object” as,

“The distracting item, person, or activity that keeps you from doing what you should be doing.” – So perfect a description! A totally worthless intrusion.  Also…

“Something unintentional or unforeseen that distracts you from getting anything done or goals accomplished.” A caveat…

Just to clarify, the “something unintentional or unforeseen,” applies to the recipient viewer, or Internet traveler that suddenly is distracted from what they actually DO intend. Believe me – the marketer who put the shiner in front of you knew what he was doing.

The essence of what “shiny objects” stands for is captured perfectly by an advertising agency that knows (and promotes this!) that some animals, such as monkeys, or, as is their company mascot – the raccoon – have an irresistible impulse to want to touch things that are shiny. I doesn’t so much matter what the thing is… they just WANT IT. And, beyond the urge to have it, if they do achieve having the thing in their grasp, they REFUSE TO LET GO! PERIOD!

So, most shiny objects are polished for the following reasons:

They get your attention.

They make everything look easy.

They make you feel like you’re getting a bargain.

They make you believe you’ll benefit.

They make you feel like you’ll miss out if you don’t buy.

Online, we refer to webpage content, email content, ads, banners, etc., that get your attention and entice you to buy, do something, go somewhere, or opt-in as outbound spam. Promises, or suggestions of benefits are decorated with care, and the content is written with choice wording taken from sales text books.

The producers of these types of landing pages and videos know that emotion sells, and that certain words and phrases that elicit emotional responses….

Grab yours!


Price goes up! (oh, no!)


License at a discount!

Just for you!

Never before…

…one time offer…

Doors closing!

Convert connections into leads!

7 Step Conversion Funnel!

Tell me – which ones did YOU buy?  :o)

I will admit that I have made purchases from landing pages. And, as a strategy, they still work. However, I would think that their popularity might fade in the coming years. Up until recently, people are used to jumping on perceived deals and opportunities and looking back on the experience as one that they “bought into…” often meaning the value was not realized.

I will explain the problems with a vast majority of landing pages. There are 2 in particular that we benefit to be aware of.

There are some great deals, products and services available promoted on landing pages. But too many are simply shiny objects that virtually no one needs.

So, this week on #MarketingSmarties we’ll watch a screen share expose on one case study of a shiny object that, although I could find little wrong with what goals the product(s) are designed to assist you in, the truth about the value to you was grossly overstated and oversold.

As I have often said, “people love to buy… but they HATE to be sold.”

Join us as we pull back the curtain and expose the real “wizard of ads!”

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Also with me will be…

Bill Graham – Bill’s website is HTTPS://BILLDOESBELIZE.COM where he delivers, “The Unbelizeable Truth” for anyone thinking about moving, living, or retiring to Belize.

And, maybe we’ll be joined by, Andrew Hatchett, LowellAnn Fuglsang, Adelheid Hornlein, Tim Longwell might be there!

Coming soon!