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#SMMSmarties – CapOhTV on Building a YouTube Channel

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#CapOhTV on Building a YouTube Channel

CapOhTV on Building a YouTube Channel

CapOhTV? Well we must ask the “why,” here… and you can hear his explanation live this Saturday on Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties.

One of my favorite CapOhTV quotes is, “School is a joke!” And, no doubt , this will be a part of the show to get to the root of why this is true, and WHY I UTTERLY AGREE!

While school has its issues, those who know me understand that I am 100% behind “education.” So, while it seems paradoxical to say that I am a proponent of education AND “school is a joke,” in the same stream, this conversation with Cap’ may shed some light on this puzzle.

That being said, there is much we can study in this encounter with Cap’… for instance, how he achieved over 1,800+ subscribers to his YouTube channel… and how he produces his voluminous output of YT videos… and how he creates his colorful custom thumbnails… Well, I wanna know, anyway…

As the conversation goes on, I believe you will gain insights as to Cap’s “why,” and gain an understanding of what it is that convinces me that we all have much to learn from him.

… such as, how did he get so good presenting in front of a camera?

Sense of humor… great delivery… awesome message… conviction… Great stuff, CapOh… bring it!

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We will be joined by Tim Longwell as “Comment Wrangler”
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