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#SMMSmarties – Conversation with Professor Nez on Live Streaming

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Conversation - Prof. Nez on Live Streaming

Professor Nez on Live Streaming!

I recently was introduced to Professor Nez by Tim Longwell in the form of “watch this guy,” diffusion. As soon as I tuned into his first video, I knew that there was something special about Professor Nez, and that chances were great we’d find a way to live stream together.


Professor Nez is a true college professor who teaches writing. So, content creation is not new to him. However, sometime in 2016, he joined the live streaming video wave, and a new love was born, and a way for Professor Nez to use his abundant talents to influence the online communications world.

So, on this week’s #MarketingSmarties , we engage Nez in a conversation about live streaming… and who knows where we will go from there…

Content writing?

Positivity Training?

Inspiration? Motivation? Purpose?

And, no matter what, we’ll be streaming live with awesome engagement with the Marketing Smarties Audience!

Hope you will join us, and participate this Saturday, September 16th, 2017, as we engage in conversation with Professor Nez!

Professor Nez is a career coach, live video marketing consultant, writing professor, and live video talk show host who helps people discover their message and share that with the world.
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on YouTube:
on his Website:

Tim Longwell will be there…
“At Longwell Art we help you reignite your creativity to help you gain happiness and health so you can turn your dreams, ideas memories and photos into works of art.”

…and so will I…
Roland Takaoka
Owner/Founder of ….
https://minmaxmedia.com and
https://diylivestreamingshow.com and producer of
“Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties”

Coming soon!