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#SMMSmarties – MINMAX Media – the Birth of a Concept


MINMAX Media - The Birth of a Concept

Smarties was always MINMAXing. But…

On April 20th of this year, I made emailed the current owner of the domain, MINMAXMEDIA.COM and inquired as to its availability for purchase. To make a longer story shorter, 5 days later, MINMAXMEDIA.COM was mine for a fee of $100.00.
However, MINMAXing as a concept was something I was applying to my general outreach for a couple months prior. The slogan, “The Minimum You Need For Maximum Impact,” was something I had incorporated officially at least by late February.

I can remember stumbling over the tagline for weeks as I got used to it myself. But, it was the perfect expression of how I was conducting business for decades. It was a philosophy based on a product of quality, delivered with integrity, supported by confidence. In everything I did, I knew I had to meet a minimum standard of acceptable quality and continue to improve it. And only I could establish what that standard was.

So, MINMAX Media may be a 2017 company. But, the philosophical, ethical, and conceptual branding has been in development for decades. I realized that I am not just the offshoot of live performance. Nor the developer of websites. And certainly not an Internet Marketer, at least NOT in the traditional sense.

The brand – MINMAX Media – is a concept of ongoing development and evolution that brings quality, improvement, and inspiration to the world.

This week on Marketing Smarties we discuss the fundamentals of MINMAXing and what it might mean for you. From here on in our weekly sessions I won’t be talking so much about my brand in the Smarties Show. After all, you probably already have a good idea of what we think of “pitching” around here. However, I hope that presenting this concept now as we set the new course for our show may give inspiration for others to likewise and commit to the principles of quality, never ending improvement, and confident action based on the power of purpose.

Join Bill and me as we set the stage for an educational and meaningful series.

Bill Grahamhttps://billdoesbelize.com/ where he delivers, “The Unbelizeable Truth” for anyone thinking about moving, living, or retiring to Belize.

Roland Takaokahttps://diylivestreamingshow.com/ , and Co-Creator of the WP VCP Plugin all sponsored by https://minmaxmedia.com/

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