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#SMMSmarties – Molly The Google Lady says: Thank You Google!

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Molly The Google Lady says: Thank You Google!

Molly Youngblood Geiger – Saying, “Thanks, Google!”

After months of hurricanes and other challenges, Molly Youngblood Geiger, the one and only “Google Lady,” returns to us bringing Google updates, and more reasons to express gratitude on this Week of Thanksgiving.

I had the honor of dubbing Molly with her very appropriate title because it was challenging for me to remember the exact and accurate certifications that were hers. “Top Contributor,” is one that comes to mind, but there are several other certifications and assignments that accompany her qualifications.

So, on this Thanksgiving week, we welcome you to join us for fun and giving of thanks to Google for providing so much that has affected our lives in positive ways. Google search for knowledge delivered globally, Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Communities, Groups, Photos, Drive…etc…), YouTube, Hangouts On Air, Duo, Allo, Google+…. FREE. I know, I missed some.

One of the things that has always irritated me was how people criticized and pounded Google+. G+ connected me with some of my best friends, and taught me valuable social communication basics. Interestingly, many of the things I learned in Google experiences are not translatable nor applicable to the environments of Facebook, or other platforms. However, many ARE!

So, whether you know Molly or you’d like to, here is a prime opportunity.

Just back from a major Google gathering of Top Contributors and Influencers, Molly has some insider information that she may share. Let’s see what valuable bits we can encourage her to express.

Join Tim and me as we set the stage for a marvelous mix with Molly Youngblood Geiger!

See you Saturday on #MarketingSmarties !

Molly Youngblood Geiger
(Info update to follow…)

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