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#SMMSmarties – Simulcasting – DIY/, FB, G+, and YTL

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Simulcasting - Across 4 Platforms - DIY/, FB, G+, and YTL

Simulcasting / Facebook / Google+ / YouTube Live / DIY Live Streaming Show Dotcom!

I was going to run this Marketing Smarties Event as a “coffee break,” because organizing my guest itinerary has been a bit challenging. However, it looks promising that in the coming weeks I may be able to host interviews with two of my personal Vlog/Blog heroes, Ben Hunt and Roberto Blake.

Now, I wouldn’t just drop names such as these without substantiation. So, let it be known that I have either talked with on the phone or emailed both individuals, and both of them have given confirmations of intentions of joining the Smarties live conversation on a coming Saturday.

So, am I jazzed? UhHuh!!!!!!!!!!

So, with serious work accomplished, I was thinking of taking this Saturday OFF from Smarties. Then, I thought that I could at least have a coffee break, and a casual conversation… Then I thought – well, I could actually achieve some webcasting value.

Something I have not developed is simulcasting. I’ve known that theoretically I can live stream with YouTube Live to mirror live in my website via my WordPress VCP Plugin, to Google+ Event Page, and to my Marketing Smarties Facebook page simultaneously.

This is a test to experience whether live streaming / simulcasting is possible in 1) your website, 2) YouTube, 3) Facebook and 4) Google+ Event is possible and effective. So, while the subject is loosely structured, we will make a case for the viability of live streaming to major platforms using the largely overlooked (IMHO…) YouTube Live Hangouts On Air.

It will be interesting to see if we can have a conversation unified on 4 separate platforms at the same time.

I will post the URLs in all areas in details. Viewers – YOU TELL ME where you prefer to watch from.

See you Saturday.

Bring your Coffee! … or tea… or juice… etc.

Coming soon!