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Tim’s Texas Adventure at Video Marketing World


Tim's Texas Adventure at Video Marketing World

Tim’s Texas Adventure! Shmoozin’ the Big Dogs of Video!

On , Tuesday, October 31st (Halloween…) Tim arrived in Richardson, Texas, after several hours of driving. There he prepared for the “Video Marketing World” conference which would take place the next day.

From this event, Tim experienced first hand the messages from 6 major players in video marketing, including Derral Eves, Jeremy Vest, and Owen Hemsath. On November 4th, Tim gave us a wonderful reporting of the event, with highlight takeaways of the various presenters.

This week, Tim brings more highlights, and deeper perspectives.
The six presenters in the event have produced six videos anywhere from 40 minutes to 72 minutes in length, which are now available for everyone in YouTube.

My plan is to watch these videos, and add additional questions, and perhaps some feedback as a viewer. I appreciate Tim’s willingness to share the experience and add his extensive personal experience to our perspectives.

Join us for Part 2 of Tim’s Texas Adventure report. We’ll be bringing data regarding how to watch the videos, and Saturday is devoted to Q and A and discussion of key points of interest for Video Marketing World’s first event.

Let’s place Tim on the “hot seat,” one more time… shall we?

Yes. We shall!

Bonus for those who read event details!
links to Video Marketing World Conference videos!

Convert with Video / Derral Eves

How to get Brand Deals on YT / Shaun McKnight

The ROI of Video / Jeremy Vest

Instagram Tips / Josh Horton

Facebook Video Ads / Dennis Yu, Logan Young & Heather Dopson

Live Video Tips by Owen Video

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