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#SMMSmarties – Trends, Waves, and Points of Influence Jan 2018

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Trends, Waves, and Points of Influence- New Year 2018

Trends, Waves, and Points of Influence New Year 2018!

What magic do we expand into for 2018? Resolutions aside, we all want to lean into the New Year with focus and purpose. My guess is that the preference for most-if-not-all folks will be to have some definitive direction going out the gate.

So, what trends can we rest on? And what tides should we consider as influencers in determining our compass marks and fine tuning our charted course?

Perhaps the best we can do is identify the primary waves that will move the most interest.

Or, is it the age of ingenuity where the big wave doesn’t matter, and finesse and creativity will launch the rockets?

We all know that video has come unto it’s own. Yet, how will video evolve this year? I’ve been “preaching” video for 4 years, yet many of the people I have soapboxing to aren’t even started with video yet.

Is “content marketing” a whole new beast, or will the movement to refine content remain the same monster it has been for years?

Is “mobile” a stand alone environment, or part of a highly integrated bigger picture? Could we be shooting ourselves in the foot by concentrating so heavily on mobile at the expense of other considerations?

Will the majority still lay odds on Facebook Ads, or will a better methodology surface that dominates traditional advertising?

These are some of my questions.

Anyone have some solid answers?

As I said, we’re “laying odds…” Kind of a crap shoot…

Don’t you think?

Not me. :o) Of course, I think I know it all. (Not really… just


Pretty sure Tim will be joining me.
Tim Longwell – Longwell Art Studios
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Roland Takaoka – MINMAX Media
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