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#SMMSmarties – Professor Nez on Mindset Mastery

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Professor Nez and Mindset Mastery!

Professor Nez on Mindset Mastery!

I love it when conversations can move beyond statistics and include real life movement, thought, and feelings. The current version of, “the world as we know it,” has graduated beyond the black and white, just the facts, and what the eyes can see.

Search engines can anticipate what the searcher means, needs, and practically what he/she thinks. Isn’t this the kind of “Godly intuition” we’re looking to attain? “… our needs before we ask?

So, how do we handle this new world we are living in?

Nez produced a video on, the subject of, “anxiety and overthinking.” These are conditions that are prevalent today, and afflicting at least a part of most people’s days. Yet, by definition, they are things that we have (or should have) total control of.

Is this just in theory? Or can we claim the power? How about the mastery?

Well, for this, we will ask the “Mindset Mastery” Author and Producer Professor Nez of NezNation to join us in a conversation. He pours his experience and wisdom into his video productions, which are quite good. And, he is inspiring as he encourages people to up their game, giving valuable tips and suggestions.

Want to become the master of your own mindset and the active director of your future? We believe this is attainable for those who set their minds appropriately. So, join us as Professor Nez brings his guidance in “Mindset Mastery” this week on Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties.

Professor Nez – NezNation
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